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Hi Family. Dear readers. This is an english post in an otherwise german speaking blog. There will maybe be spelling and other issues. In case there are any questions: feel free to ask in the comments.

This is interesting. status.im

I don’t understand all of it (maybe 10%) but as fas as I can follow the following videos this is a very interesting thing. I like this.

whitepaper with a clear vision

I really like to not understanding stuff because that’s a great opportunity to learn something new.

And in general I like new things. I’m an expert in playing (and breaking) with new things. This thing is so new – it doesn’t even exist. For the first time ever I’m testing a thing before it’s going live and blog about it.

The thing is called status and it’s an etherium-thing. I cannot explain this. Serious. This is out of scope for me. But there are smarter people like me who explain status.

Consumer Interfaces for the Decentralized Web

I’m already playing with the app and watch all those videos. At least I’m trying to understand it. Maybe this will be one of the next BIG things – maybe not. Time will tell. So far the app works like charme.

Status will go live in a couple of days and until then I continue trying to understand the big picture. I read posts like blog.status.im: Announcing the Status Network (there is the whitepaper) or blog.status.im: Introducing Status — Ethereum for Mobile to understand more.

Unlike other start-up (is this even a start-up?) everything they show looks really nice – just look at those pages on contribute.status.im or blog.status.im or fun stuff like docs.status.im – all of that looks very nice.

They have a nice Intro Video and there is more text below the videos.

Status, your gateway to Ethereum (The Status Network launches June 17th)


EDCON 2017 – Status: Lowering Ethereum’s Barriers to Adoption

devcon2: Status, an Ethereum light client for Android & iOS


Currently there is a hackathon.status.im going on and I really like the intro text on that page:

Status is both a Web 3.0 browser, and a messaging platform. To be eligible for prizes, whatever it is you build, just needs to work inside of Status. The protocols we’re built on are still in alpha, and our API is highly experimental – so a number of bugs are to be expected, and feedback for improvements are welcome.

And now? What’s this all about?

If my Dad calls I will tell him that this post is about a new thing on a phone that’s someday able to chat and send money and contracts and other app-things at the same time.

I’ll see if this will happen. So far everything here is great work and looks very interesting.


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